Portraits, caricatures, and cartoons.



Alexander G. Torello

Mine is the "it's never too late" story. Early memories of the great illustrators of the 40s and 50s fed dreams of a career in cartooning.  Upon high school graduation, the money wasn't there for art school, and enlisting in the Marine Corps, marrying my high school beau, raising a family and running a small print shop forced me to forget such folly.

Fast-forward to 2012-13. Pushing age 70, retired and un-retired, I found myself working for New Haven's largest hospital, and during the "dead-time" between calls--pencil in hand, and a duty log sheet--began to sketch the folks around me in the lobby.

One thing lead to another--and to make the long story a bit shorter, we were asked to do some cartoons for a local political newsletter; and then another--the latter which grew to be quite influential in our state.

Cartooning came fairly easy--but I wondered if I could challenge myself to do realistic portraits and caricatures of family, friends and other people I admired.

That's the story. It's a work in progress, but unless I run out of time, I hope to improve enough not to want to trash every work I do, but create art worthy of my subjects.